Monday, 28 July 2014

Music of My July

I am pretty big music fanatic and thought of doing this every month could break up my usual kind of posts and just share what songs I have been loving each month.

1. Ariana Grande - Break Free
I just find it totally different to her usual music it can get really addictive.

2.Colbie Caillat - Try
This has been talked a lot in articles as it's all about being yourself.

3.Melissa Steel - Kisses for Breakfast
This has been getting played on Radio 1 so much lately and I basically listen to Radio 1 all the time and I have became pretty addicted it's a bit cheesy but everyone needs a guilty pleasure

4.Rixon - Me and My Broken Heart
Not going to lie I heard this way before July but in general I have been getting so into Rixton they are such genuine boys and what's not to love. (Check out Speakerphone, Hotel Ceiling, Make Out and Appreciated too)

5.Troye Sivan - Happy Little Pill
This has just came out and I am so proud of Troye as I have followed his videos for years it's so exciting for him and I am loving Happy Little Pill and had it on repeat all day.

6.Charlie XCX - Boom Clap 
I heard this when I went to see The Fault in Our Stars and used Shazam in the cinema to find out what it was straight away. It's so addictive and I have heard it more and more on the radio since. 

7. Before You Exit - Heart Like California
I haven't heard anything from Before You Exit before and randomly found them when I was on youtube and this is just my kind of music.

8. The Script - Superheroes
This only came out this week and I have been dying for some new music from The Script they are one of my all time favourite bands utterly loving this.

Tell me below if you liked this kind of thing and are like me and curious on others music taste
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