Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Food/Shopping/Cinema/Bowling | Weekend in Aberdeen

I have had a lot of stress on me recently and needed to get away luckily my Mum and I planned a weekend away to Aberdeen and it really helped me de-stress and spend to much money don't worry a haul post is coming tomorrow!.

Saturday // We went shopping in Union Square one of my all time favourite places to shop it's basically has every shop and restaurant I love under one roof so what's not to like. We then went to a restaurant my Mum knew about just round from Union Square called Poldino's it does Italian food the food is amazing. I went for the crespoline it was filled with spinach and ricotta cheese talking about it again makes me want it all over again. The service is good but they do take a while to get around to asking your order. I would also suggest booking as a lot of people were turned away if they didn't

Sunday // It was a bit of a rainy day while we were planning to go this little amusement park we decided against it and went shopping in the morning (how typical right?). I got these beautiful Chelsea boot's that will be in my haul post I am in love with them. After that we went bowling and yes I won what a champ I am right?. Before we realised it time had passed and we pre-booked the cinema to see The Fault in Our Stars let's just say I cried a whole lot more than I expected to that film had me in bits but I would so suggest going seeing it. Wagamamas was just along from the Cinema so we went there for dinner I think I have an addiction to noodles and trying to use chop sticks which I managed I'll let you know. I had the teriyaki salmon soba which I have had before and it is to die for  I could eat it every day if I could.

Hope you had a good weekend and are enjoying your week.
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