Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Disappointing Hypes | #1

A new series you say? yes it's time I tell you the products and more that are so hyped up but I did not like all.

I'm gonna start with the big ones first the Aussie range in general just does not do it for me. I head amazing things about the brand if you have dandruff or your hair gets greasy easy which mine does so I thought of giving it a go. For the rave and price I was expecting it to impressive but it did not do anything for my hair. Instead I felt it weighed it down even more and my hair got greasy even quicker than usual. The deep conditioner did not feel any different to the normal conditional which I find with other brands it does. All in all I wont be buying it again.

Tresemme as brand I love I always use their heat protection spray and it's one of my all time favourites to use but I don't see the love about their hairspray. It says it is brushes out easily and it is ultra fine. I find it clumps my hair so it looks thick and hard which is the opposite I wanted as it also says it will give me volume and lift and I never found that in the hairspray at all.

Maybelline blush in 77 rose when I seen this in Boots I was drawn to it's beautiful colour it is a light pinky rose colour and I was hoping for the best but instead I find it very chalky and gave off no to little colour while it is a lighter colour it still looks dark in the pallet even on my finger when swatching it.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer in true ivory I thought I would love this concealer as I love the foundation that goes along with it but instead I found the concealer thick and hard to apply. The applicator is harsher on the skin when applying compared to my other concealers. I keep it as a back up but I don't go reaching for it.

After hearing Becky from the lovely TalkBeckyTalk go on about the Barry M Gelly Shine and how they were like Gel nail varnish I wanted to give one a go. While the application is good and only takes two coats or even only one if you are lucky I did not notice a difference to my normal nail varnish and this one it didn't look like Gel when that is what it says it will give you and didn't last long on my nails.

Lastly the Maybelline Colour Show nail varnishes you must be like but Rebekah you have three there you must like them to buy three!. The thee for for two deal was on in Boots on the Maybelline line and I was dying to try them when they came out and I seen swatches so I bought three with hope they would be good. Instead I found the formula very liquidy and takes a long time to dry which I don't have time for and I don't think anyone else does.

hope you enjoyed this post what product has disappointed you?
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