Sunday, 27 July 2014

Brush Cleaning 101

I see a lot of different ways people clean their brushes with buying things just for your brushes or other ways and wanted to share mine and if you are on a bit of a budge like my self this will work perfect.

I use washing up liquid, a drop of olive oil and a drop of water and mix it in a bowl and then twirl my brush or in it. Making sure all of it is covered then place my brushes so they can drip. When it comes to my Real Techniques Miracle Sponge I place it in the bowl then take it straight to water and squeeze the liquid out and place it to dry.

After I have done all the brushes I take one brush at a time and get it out by pointing the brush down so the water does not get inside of the brush and I also make sure the water isn't to hot that it could melt the glue. I place the brush against my palm and rub it in to get all the make up out if there is still some on the brush I take a little bit extra of washing up liquid in the bowl and put the brush in it then place it back in the water again which usually does it. I then place them the same way as before.

Conditioner is good enough for our hair so it can work for brushes as well it helps make them nice and soft when you are using them to apply make up to your face. Like before I just dab a bit in the bowl and using my fingers I spread it all over the brush then place them under the water to get it off you will notice straight away how soft your brushes become.

For drying people usually say to put them face down and let them drip but I personally find placing them on a towel and covering them with the towel as well works really well and I notice they are dry in a good couple of hours mattering how thick the brush is. 

what are you're brush tips??
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