Monday, 2 June 2014

May | Monthly Favourites

May has flown in so fast and I have been non stop the entire month it is coming to the end of my college course and I'm on holiday in a few weeks so I apologise for no post last week I honestly had zero time to even think what I have been loving this month to write it up. So I got this written the day before and I'm back on track so let's get into what I have been loving.

Rimmel's Wake Me Up Foundation // I come back to this foundation when it hits spring/summer it's perfect for this time of the year because I don't feel it is heavy on the skin and gives the perfect amount of coverage. I have it in Ivory and True Ivory I like Ivory more when I don't have tan on it matches my skin perfect and the packaging and smell really pulls me in every time.

Company Magazine's Nail Polish // Unfortunately I can't link this product but if you want to see what it looks like I did post it on my Instagram (don't ask me how the background is so black I was actually in the car) the colour is such a pretty peachy pink and only needs two coats every time I wear it I have gotten so many complements on it and people asking what I am wearing honestly one of the best freebies I have gotten out of a magazine (keep an eye out on company magazine sometimes they put spare freebies in issues)

Vo5 Hairspray // I will admit this was near the end of the month I found my love for this again as I got my hair cut (story of that coming soon!) and started curling my hair again it holds my curls perfectly and really helps them last for a good couple of days. I don't feel it makes my hair look hard but just sits perfect and brushes out so easily. Bonus it is a handy travel size so it's coming with me to Tenerife.

USA Pro Leggings // I'm still into my working out even though I have changed about what I am doing and started pilates (updated routine?). I found these beautiful leggings in Sports Direct and they just stood out to me and I couldn't leave them they fit so perfect on me and I don't feel my self pulling them up like most of my workout leggings and it has a handy zip at the back for your key if you go out running if you want to see more pictures of them check out my instagram. They also have a matching sports bra but I found it a bit to much all together but it might work for you.

Topshop's Frilly Socks // I always see these over my instagram feed and tumblr and I had to given in and buy maybe a few I maybe have over 4 pairs now. I couldn't help it specially with it only being 3 pairs for £8 they are so adorable and my Mum said they remind her of socks I used to wear in primary school. I like wearing them with my jeans rolled up at the bottom with my vans and the frilly sticking out.

Foxes-Glorious // I have loved Foxes since her song Youth appeared on the Debenhams advert back last year and I have been in loved with her music, style and her in general ever since. I was counting down till her album finally got released because I have loved every song she has released and I could tell the album would be just as good. I have had it on non stop ever since and I'm currently loving Echo the most but the album as a whole is incredible I could keep going on about her seriously.

Ashley Roberts-Clockwork // Even though I have had Foxes on non stop I have had time to listen to other music and Ashley Roberts clockwork has been one of my favourites I have liked her since she was on I'm A Celeb Get Me Out Of Here she just seems such a down to earth girl. Her voice is so calming and it's nice to see her getting the appreciation now she wasn't getting before specially in the UK I can't stop listening to Clockwork.

 Hope you liked hearing about my monthly favourites!
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disclaimer - these were all of my own views I was not sponsored to mention any of these products


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