Monday, 19 May 2014

HOW TO: Homemade Lip Scrub

I talked about the fact I made my home made lip scrub a few posts back and I would share how I done it so here it is. While I love the Lush lip scrubs specially the bubblegum flavour but the price for something you could make at home from things you usually have about the house I really don't see the fuss.

1. Use a old or a lip balm you don't use as much and scoop it into a bowl.
2. Pour honey into the bowl with the lip balm to help stick and honey helps with dry and chapped lips.
3. Pour a drop of olive oil to help condition and protect the lips from dying out.
4. Scoop either brown or white sugar into the bowl with the rest of the ingredients (brown sugar is better as it's thickness but if you don't have it normal is fine)
5. Then scoop it into a container easy for scooping onto your finger to apply to your lips.
6. If there is any extra depot into a container to use after you have finished the content of the other container.
7. Either wipe it off after lips feel soft or lick it off your lips it's all natural ingredients in it anyway.

I hope you liked this DIY
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