Wednesday, 16 April 2014

What I do Wednesday | Fitness Week

It's half way through my fitness week and I hope you are enjoying it. I thought it was time to get right down and tell you everything I do from the workout to what sports bra I wear and everything in between.

First I want to say why I don't go to the gym and stay home and workout because usually when you think workout you link it with going to the gym I just don't like my body shape yet and find my self still a bit self concious of my body. I also feel people could stare and I'm just not happy with that so doing it in my house where I can sweat to my hearts content it's a lot easier.

My sports bra is from RBX the brand are usually bought by cyclists so it gives a lot of support as you would guess. It's super comfy and I don't feel I'm falling out of it which is the main point you can find RBX wear from TKMaxx and other online stores.

When working out always try to eat after I usually take a shower then go and eat it helps recover the body and because the body is working away it will burn the foods easier. Currently I use a video I found on Youtube the woman is very motivating or if you are a bit like me and just put music on.

Never over push your self it takes time to finally feel you can complete a full workout
I hope you liked this and if you are curious on anything else I do just leave it below

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