Friday, 4 April 2014

The Perfumes I Reach For | Favourites

I saw someone do this earlier this week and while I was stumbled what to write about I thought this was a good little idea. I have more perfumes than I need with people thinking they are the perfect gift at Christmas or Birthday's when really it's the gift when you can't think of anything else I'm so guilty of it not that I'm not happy to receive them I mean a perfume last's forever so it's all good.
SuperDry Neon Fragrance (Top Left) -£35.00 + free delivery I got this as a Christmas gift from my Mother just last Christmas and ever since it turned into my favourite ever perfume. It gives a smell that lasts on your clothes for days I'm talking scarf's guys I don't wear the same dirty clothes for days not to worry. Sometimes I see my self just smelling my scarf in public because it is so good. It has a strong vanilla and rose smell but not the rose smell you think of when you think a granny perfume it's much more of a younger smell. The SuperDry website says it smells of bergamot, pineapple and water fruits ect. I personally don't smell all of that but I believe a perfume is different for everyone. 

Taylor Swift Wonderstruck (Bottom Left) -£19.50 It is only the mini version I have in the picture above as I ran out of the bigger bottle. I can't really remember when I got this but I know it was from my Nanna as I begged for it. I'm a huge Taylor Swift fan and just had to have this perfume at the time. I liked it so much that I used the bigger bottle in no time so now I have to cherish what I have left in the tiny little bottle. I usually keep it in my handbag for when I have forgot to put on perfume that morning and want something quickly. I love the packaging on the bigger bottle with the charms handing around the bottle I think it's the best design from all of the Taylor Swift collection's (basically purple is my favourite colour). It smells sweet like raspberries but not over powering I also find it very elegant compared to a lot of other Celebrity perfumes which I find a bit cheap. 

Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy (Bottom Right) -£40.00 I have pretty much every Britney Spears perfume so it was a hard decision on which to pick as they all smell lovely. Midnight Fantasy just gives something I don't feel all the others have it is sweet and I literally feel like I'm opening a packet of Haribos when I spray this. So if you are into really sweet smelling perfume this baby is for you.

CK IN2U her (Top Right) -£38.00 I have had this perfume the longest out of all of the one's I'm talking about in this post I can't for the life of me remember when I got it. I love wearing this one if I'm going out at night to a party or just a meal it's my grow up perfume (I say that like I'm 12) it is perfect for those occasions when you just wan't to  feel sexy and powerful. It smells very light and musky on with a hint of sweet smell. This baby is definitely going on holiday with me . 

Gwen Stefani Harajuku Lovers Super G (Middle Top) -£16.85 This perfume knocks the rest out of the park completely I have had this for years as well and for it being the cheapest it is the best. It is different from all the rest as the smell is very coconut and almost tropical smelling perfect for going on holiday when you have a tan. I had the collection of these when they first all came out and everywhere went mad for them because of the cute as heck packaging. It's definitely a all time favourite and just reminds me of good holidays.


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