Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The Liebster Award

So at the weekend I noticed a comment from the lovely Paige from LadyPaige you so need to go check her out she is super lovely. She has nominated me to do the Liebster Awards which excites me as it's the first awards of such to be apart of.

Liebster awards are about finding new blogs and sharing them to your readers which you nominate and it goes on and on, pretty great way to get your blog out there if you ask me.

you must answer the 11 questions from who ever nominated you
you get to pick 11 new nominees to answer a new set of 11 question that you create.
you have to contact your nominees so they know they get to do the liebster award

Where did your blog name come from?
It's already my instagram name and I got used to it and thought it would be easy for people to remember if they are the same. The Rebekah is my first name and the Mary is my middle.

Apart from the Liebster award post, what was the last blogpost you read?
I had to look at my bloglovin for this, it was a post from Sammi from BeautyCrush about her photo-shoot check it here

Where is your favourite place to eat out?
I have been super healthy lately and haven't really been eating out but if I was going for a treat I'd have to say Wagamama's that place is to die for I'm a major noodle lover!

What type of posts do you most enjoy reading?
Lifestyle post's about what people have been getting up to I'm nosy I can't help it. 

What is your favourite scent?
Coconut, I find it so hard to find perfumes that smell tropical and like a coconut but when I do I make it last.

What is the most expensive thing you have ever bought?
I honestly can't think of anything for this one at all, but I am saving for a Mac Book Pro so that will be.

When is the most you have ever laughed?
Properly on holiday in Tunisia back in 2012 most hilarious holiday ever.

What is your biggest regret?
Pushing friends away after High School sad but true.

The best book you have ever read?
The Perks of Being a Wallflower..I KNOW HOW TYPICAL! but seriously best book ever I read it while on holiday in Tunisia and was utterly gutted when I finished it so quick. I got super attached to the main character and never wanted the story to finish if you have only seen the film you need to read the book.

If you could do absolutely anything tomorrow, what would you do?
Move down England preferably down near London I look at houses just out of London all the time and if I could I would move now!.

If you could have been in any Disney film which character would you have liked to play?
Pocahontas for sure she was so bad ass and she is the only Disney princess with a tattoo there is a cool fact if you didn't know.

I nominate the lovely

My questions for my nominees
1.Who is the most important person in your life right now?
2.When you go into a drugstore what stand are you likely to go towards first?
3.Topshop's quality of clothes or Primark's quantity? (if you don't have Primark where you live it's like Forever 21)
4. Have you made friends from blogging, if no do you want to?
5.Who dead or alive would you love to see live in concert?
6.Would you rather wear a dark lip or a light?
7.What is the best make up purchase you have bought lately?
8.What programme did you last watch tv/online?
9.Go on your Ipod/phone put on shuffle what song comes on?
10.What nail polish are you wearing right now, if you aren't wearing any what is your favourite?
11. What do you love most about blogging?

Thanks again to Paige for nominating me 


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