Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Starting out Tuesday | Fitness Week

When I first thought of fitness I did not knew where to start food, sports wear, what workout is best for me ect. I went through a load of different different workout videos and it's all about finding the one for you the one you know you can easily go back to again and again and not get bored of.

Go for the cheapest when you are starting out there is no point in going online to Nike's website for some nice sports wear when you might feel you wont stick to it and it turns into a waste of money. I went for something cheap but has good support for a sports bra. Always make sure to try them on in the shop if you aren't buying online you'll know if it's not right for you if you are taking off after and your body is covered in red marks from it being to tight there is a difference between support and it not letting you move at all. When it comes to the bottom half I had some old leggings that don't go right down the leg and wore them while leggings can be handy for starting out you may notice you have to pull them up often so check out Primark or TKMaxx they have great workout clothes for cheap prices they also do sports bra's and tops.

Food comes as a hard topic when it comes to trying to be healthy even I still find it hard and not sure if what I'm eating is the utterly best for me. I always fit fruit into my day to day life I love porridge which is amazing for you if you like it. granola and muesli is always amazing for you and tastes great with yogurth and different fruits mixed in, it gives great loads of energy for the day and I notice my self when I have it that I don't snack at all.

Also a great way to track your foods and to see really what is going into my body is MyFitnessPal it lets you input the foods you are eating by amount. You can scan the food with the bar code or type it in and it will find it it's really helpful for starting out and I have suggested it to friends who have also loved it

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