Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Review | Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation

I bought Rimmel's Stay Matte foundation a couple week's back and posted about it in my Haul and was asked how I found it and I promised I would get back to you. I really love to spend a good couple of days trying out a foundation to see really how my skin takes to it as I'm prone to breakouts.

First of I love the packaging of the stay matte (I have a thing for purple) it's the perfect size for getting in those smaller make-up bags and with it being a tube you can squeeze it you get nearly all the product out compared to glass bottles where I'm putting a small thin make up brush down to get the rest of the product if I love it enough. Overall I think Rimmel does the best packaging in the drug store when it comes to foundations.

 The liquid comes out as a mousse which it totally different and not something I have seen before. A little goes a long way with it so just a little bit will cover pretty much the whole face I use Real Techniques Buffing Brush from the core collection to apply it . I would definitely check the shade while in the shop I went with my usual shade from Rimmel and it was a tad darker than I wanted.

It applied as you can guess matte which I was curious on in case it made my face drier than it already is (I have combination skin) so I would say if you are totally drink skin this may be a big no no for you. While it doesn't cling to any dry patches on the skin I could still see it visible after taking time to buff it into my skin.

It didn't feel heavy on the skin at all I actually forgot I had foundation on it feels soft on the skin in my more moist parts. I would say it is a low to medium coverage perfect for no make up make up day's but if you are looking for high coverage I'd have to say no.


Have you tried it before how did you find the foundation?
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