Monday, 14 April 2014

Motivation Monday | Fitness Week

It's time for the dreaded F word for some people but this week on my blog is going to be Fitness Week. I have really been into my fitness from the start of this year and have never been happier that I kicked my self into gear and properly took it seriously with food and working out. I'm going to cover a lot this week really breaking down everything to show it's a lot easier and worth it in the end. I'll cover motivation as you can see from the title, what I do, food and more.

When I thought motivation before I started working out I thought a fitness instructor shouting at you to do another press up and not to give up, I think I watch to many episodes of The Biggest Loser though. But there is a lot of different way's to be motivated and I want to share them.

I found twitter pages dedicated to make you feel motivated they post photo's of people's body's, work out clothes and motivational quotes. It really help's me when I feel crap and would rather sit in front of the TV than getting off my bum and doing something. Here is a link to a couple I think there is a load more if you look.

- BeFitMotivation
- BestProFit

These one's are my favourite so I hope they help you too.

There is also a load of tumblr blog's out there dedicated to fitness and healthy eating while I don't use any or follow any they can be amazing as long as you find the right one's as I have found some that can give the wrong message across.

I also find clothing website's motivational surprisingly one because I look at the clothing I like and think would look amazing on me if I toned up my body and two because the models on a lot of the clothing websites these day's have amazing bodies and you can then really see how the clothing would fit.

- American Apparel
- PacSun 

These are my favourites.

Lastly is something I'm to guilty of doing and that is buying new sport's wear I feel if you look good while working out it can really make you feel a lot better because you know while you are doing it you are looking good even if you are like me and just work out at home. Specially if you are finding the clothes are becoming to stretchy or big.

Here is some motivational pictures I like

Hope you liked this post 
and are excited for the rest this week

I am in no way a fitness coach these are only my tips from what I have found works for me.


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