Friday, 18 April 2014

Food Friday | Fitness Week

It's coming to the end of Fitness Week and I have loved doing this series today it's all about food and what you should be putting more into you and what you shouldn't. I'm going to put in at the bottom what my usual day is when it comes to food.

Eat More Of

  • Fruits // try get your 5 day in anyway possible most smoothies and yoghurt count which are perfect for breakfast. I like adding fruits to plain porridge it adds a taste to plain boring porridge specially blueberries. Banana's are also amazing to have before you workout it gives loads of energy they also work well when you need a snack through out the day. 
  • Fresh Foods // Fresh fish and meat are so much better for you it has nothing added into and tastes 10x better.

Eat Less Of

  • Take-a ways // I feel like this is very obvious but I'll mention it anyway there is nothing good in a take away but  always have a treat day and that would work well for then.
  • Bread and Wheat // It is a starchy carb and can spike blood sugar levels so try not have it every day
  • Sweeties, Biscuits, Crisps ext // Yet again I feel like this is obvious but they are so bad for you and are full of sugar try and swap them for fruits or a different alternative it's where you will see a lot of your weight coming from also. 


  • Drink more water 
  • Adjust your portion size remember woman are meant to have less than men
  • Track your food with a food diary it's helpful to look back on and see what's going in your body
  • When you are hungry but just had something to eat not long ago ask your self are you actually just thirsty you usually are

My Usual Food Diary

  • Granola with strawberries, bananas, blueberries, rasperries and raisins 
  • Smoothie

  • Lentil soup or sushi
  • Water
  • Orange

  • Pasta with a sause or fresh fish
  • Diluted juice 

 Junk food you've wanted for an hour < The body you've wanted for years

Hope you liked this post and is helping anyone tomorrow will be the last day so if you have any questions I'll answer them tomorrow in the post so leave them below

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