Monday, 31 March 2014

A School/Work Trip | Edinburgh Castle

If you read my first post or my about me above you'll know I do a work placement at a primary school for my course and on Wednesday we went as a class to Edinburgh Castle it was a pretty rushed trip and I had a group I had to keep my eye on but still enjoyed being there again it's one of my all time favourite places to go (ill or not) I have a love for historical buildings and history of that era so expect more posts about castles and palaces as I have one of those fancy national trust cards that are cheaper in the long if you like they type of places and it also get's you in quicker you know when you are always waiting in line then you notice those ones wondering in with ease that is me. 

What a view right?!
What did you get up to this weekend?

Saturday, 29 March 2014

My Legs Dragged Me To Primark!

I swear they did and I may have bought more than I expected to most of what I got was for going on holiday if that is a good enough excuse I'll let you decide on that one.

So since Wednesday I have been feeling a little bit sorry for my self as I have been so ill like the type you wouldn't wish on your mortal enemy and I'm still trying to get over it so with my Mum we took out selves to Primark for a little bit of retail therapy.
Cami Top with Floral Design - £4
Marvel long jumper -£10 Care Bear PJ top (has shorts to match)-£8
   Beach Bag -£4  Denim Looking Shoes -£6 Navy Shoes -£3
Daisy Flower Shorts- £4 Beach Cover Up- £5
Daisy Fake Nails- £1

I thought I would also add a sneaky delivery I got from ebay that arrived when I got back from Primark it's these beautiful Jack Wills flip flops for only £8 and they were originally £19 what a bargain.


Can't beat a good trip to Primark when you get such lovely clothes for amazing prices hope I haven't made you want to go now and spend money but hey you can totally blame me.

What is the best bargain you have bought lately?

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Hello Hiya and Welcome to my Blog!

Hello lovely people!

I have always wanted to get into blogging and finally decided to join the bandwagon as I now have more time on my hands as I'm finishing my college course in a SVQ Childcare with one more year I'll get to finally start working in a job I have been wanting to do for so long!.

Of course you will want to know the basics about me I'm Rebekah Cunningham the Mary in my url is my middle name and keeps it short and sweet!. I'm 19 and to be 20 in August 9th so get that in your diaries or not since that means I wont be a teenager any longer and that it just way to scary to even think about. I live in Fife, Scotland but not to worry I'm not into haggis much. As I said above I'm studying Childcare and I'm currently in a work placement at a primary school with a load of primary 1's which I'm enjoying so much and dreading actually having to leave it.

The whole reason I wanted to blog is I'm a full confessed shopaholic, beauty junkie and everything else you could think of. I think I own more clothes than anyone should have and I wear properly 50% of what I have but still won't chuck anything out.I will hopefully try include some yummy recipe ideas as I love my food like everyone else!. I will also pop some of my day to day getting up to's to keep you update with my life.

So please join me in my new blogging experience if you are excited as I'm for my new start to something a little different than I have ever done before.

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